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1,500 protesters at demonstration against mandatory vaccination

Several hundred people gathered in the Jubel Park in Brussels on Saturday afternoon to take part in a demonstration against the coronavirus measures, the further extension of use of the Corona Safe Ticket and possibility that vaccination may be made mandatory (for certain groups) at some point in the future. The police say that at the height of the demonstration as many as 1,500 people were taking part. 

The Francophone daily La Capitale reports that the protesters also wished to express their displeasure at what they believe is “medical disinformation” spread by the media. Consequently, the march ended outside the Broadcasting Centre site that the VRT shares with the Francophone public broadcaster RTBF in Schaarbeek (Brussels).

The march was organised by David Bouillon, a GP from Mons (Hainaut), who is heavily opposed to vaccination. Dr Bouillon has also initiated legal proceedings against the Belgian Government and the European Commission.

Saturday’s demonstration was authorised by the Brussels North Local Police Service. 

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