Nicolas Maeterlinck

Man arrested on suspicion of attempted murder after road rage incident on E40 motorway

A motorist filmed driving aggressively and dangerously on the E40 motorway at Beernem in West Flanders has been placed under arrest on suspicion of attempted murder. News of the man’s arrest has been confirmed by the Judicial Authorities in the West Flemish city of Bruges. 

The incident happened last week on the E40 at Beernem. The motorist targeted a couple that was travelling in another vehicle. At one point he even stopped on the motorway in order to block the couple’s path. He then got out of his car and threaten them with an iron bar.

The couple was able to contact the police. However, the aggressive motorist was able to make his escape.

A 40-year-old man from Oostkamp (West Flanders) was identified as a suspect. On Saturday he was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder and the illegal possession of an offensive weapon.


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