Mayor helps save pony that had fallen into his swimming pool

On Saturday the Mayor of the East Flemish municipality of Sint-Laureins awoke to find pony stuck in the swimming pool in the garden of home. Franki Van de Moere (local list “Samen”), his son and local fire fighters were able to get the pony back out of the pool alive and unharmed. 

Mayor Van de Moere told VRT News that “When I opened the blinds this morning, I saw that the cover of my swimming pool was open. I went to take a look straight away. The pony’s head was on the pool cover. The animal was clearly exhausted.

The pony had obviously fallen into the pool during the night. He and several other ponies had escaped from a field next to the mayor’s home.

"The first thing I did was call my wife. We then thought about what we could do to save the pony.

“I then telephoned my son and ensured that we could use a formwork panel to get the pony out of the pool.

Mr Van de Moere got into the pool himself to help get the pony out.

“I put my mobile phone on the table took my trousers off and got into the water. In the water the pony didn’t weigh very much. I was also able to calm him down a bit”. Eventually the pony was helped out of the pool alive and well.

The incident meant that the Mr Van de Moore was forced to abandon his plans for a day trip to the Ardennes. Nevertheless, he is glad that he and his son were able to help save the pony. “This is something that we will remember for the rest of our lives”. 

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