Doctor from Flemish Brabant dies after falling from a horse

A 29-year-old doctor from the Flemish Brabant municipality of Dilbeek has died after she fell off a horse. The accident happened during a parade of Belgian Draft horse and carriages in Lennik (Flemish Brabant). 

The horse she was riding suddenly went out of control and the woman fell off and was kicked by the horse. The emergency services tried to revive her. However, their efforts were to no avail. She died of her injuries at the scene.

The dead woman is Dr. Marlies de Brandt. Her sister Annelotte was the winner of this year’s series of the reality television programme ‘De Mol’ (The Mole). 

Dr. de Brandt was part of the team that advises the municipal authorities in Dilbeek on how to tackle the coronavirus pandemic. Last year, the medical magazine ‘De Artzenkrant’ nominated her for the Young Doctors’ Prize. She was nominated due to the ground-breaking work she has done in drafting a “guideline on dealing with dementia” for general practitioners.  

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