“At least 1,200 bikes a year stolen in Brussels”

Each year at least 1,200 bikes are stolen in the Belgian and Flemish capital.  The cyclists’ association Pro Velo says cyclists should do more to protect their bicycles.  

Pro Velo claims an insurance against bicycle theft isn’t an unnecessary luxury, especially now that more and more expensive bikes including electronic bikes are on our roads.  Cyclists parking their bike out of doors do well to get it ensured, says the organisation.

Pro Velo provides tips on how better to secure your bike. “We urge people to use two locks: one to secure the front wheel and a second to secure the bike frame to a fixed point.  Don’t leave your lock with the keyhole pointing upwards as this makes it easier for thieves to break it” says Pro Velo’s Max Engelen.

This month it’s also possible to register your bike for free.

“In Brussels you can do this via the mybike.brussels platform.  It’s similar to an engraving: a sticker that is hard to remove is attached to the bike. In this way your bike can be identified and it’s easier to retrieve when it is stolen” says Pro Velo’s Max Engelen.

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