Almost 6,300 motorists caught over the limit during police anti-drink driving campaign

The Federal Police and the road safety institute Vias have released figures on the anti-drink driving campaign that ran for 12 weeks during the summer. Of the almost 200,000 people that were breathalysed during the campaign, almost 6,300 (around 3.3%) tested positive. A large portion of those that tested positive were drink driving during the late evening or night. 

The so-called “Bob Campaign” got under way in June just before the start of the European Football Championship and ran until the end of August. During this 12-week period the local and federal police services breathalysed 191,397 motorists. Of these 6,297 were found to be over the limit. The vast majority of those that were over the limit were found to have levels of alcohol that were excess of 0.8 grammes per litre of blood.

A large portion of those caught over the limit were driving at night. At total of 3,215 of those that tested positive did so during the night. This is an average of 38 each night during the 12-week campaign. 

Difficult to make a comparison


Due to the coronavirus crisis and the difference in the duration of this summer’s campaign it is difficult to compare the figures from summer 2021 with those from previous years. Nevertheless, the road safety institute Vias show that the Bob Campaigns are having an effect.

Vias’ spokesman Stef Willems told VRT News “Despite the curfew and reduced traffic levels there were still 3,000 accidents involving motorists that had been drinking too much last year. This is still 8 per day”. 

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