Australian television suggests that missing Belgian teen wasn’t alone when he disappeared

An Australian television programme claims that an 18-year-old Belgian that went missing more than two years ago at Byron Bay in New South Wales wasn’t alone. Theo Hayez from Overijse in Flemish Brabant went missing on the night of 31 May 2019. 

Monday evening’s edition of the Australian television network Channel 9’s ‘Under Investigation’ focussed on the police investigation into Theo Hayez’s disappearance and the suspicions about what exactly happened to the teenager that are held by private detective Ken Gamble and members of Theo’s family. Although Theo Hayez's mobile phone has never been found, the cyber security expert Nigel Phair was able to recover geolocation information from it. 

It was suggested that Theo Hayez met up with a mystery local who knew Byron Bay's dark places and may have lured him to his death. The clues that came to light during the programme also suggest he may have met with foul play at the hands of one or more people connected with the drug trade.

During Monday’s programme Ken Gamble said there is an indication that Theo Hayez's belongings were taken from Byron Bay's Tallow Beach and dumped in an abandoned house in Nimbin, 70 kilometres away.

When the house in Nambin was searched by police, they didn't find any of Theo Hayez's belongings. However, they did find items belonging to another person who went missing from Byron Bay and whose remains were found later.

Theo Hayez vanished without a trace on 31 May 2019 after being kicked out of a bar in Byron Bay and wandering off into the night.

Australian Police believed he was alone and lost, but Google tracking data suggests the teenager met up with someone and was lured into dense bush.

Deep analysis of his mobile phone data shows him taking what is described as an "erratic route" towards Byron's Tallow Beach in the early houses of the morning after the night he vanished.

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