Farmer destroys maize maze yet again

In Paal (Limburg) a farmer drove his combine harvester through the maize maze at the children’s farm.  The farmer was heading to his own field to harvest his own crop.  The destruction is bad news for the many visitors still planning to visit the maze that was supposed to stay open till the end of September. 

The maze has proved a popular attraction in recent months being visited by ramblers and cyclists in large numbers. The farmer owns an adjoining field and drove his combine harvester straight through the maze signalling its demise.  It’s not the first time this happens.  There was a similar occurrence two years ago.

Mil Meelbergs of the children’s farm is incandescent: “This really isn’t necessary.  The farmer can get to his own field via his own land just as well.”

The farmer’s lawyer insists the children’s farm is to blame because it sowed maize on the farmer’s access route. He points to legal documents dating from 1939 that identify this access route and the farmer’s right to use it.  The lawyer denies the farmer could have used a different route: “Nobody was hurt and use was made of a right of way that nobody disputes” he stated. 

A justice of the peace is to consider the matter later this month.

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