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Flemish Brabant celebrates ‘Month of Lambic’

The tourist agency of Flemish Brabant Province has launched the first ever “Month of Lambic”.  Lambic is a quintessentially Belgian beer brewed with raw wheat and wild yeast in wooden casks and fermented for at least a year.

Lambic is chiefly associated with the Pajottenland District west south-west of Brussels and the Valley of the River Senne located between Brussels and the language border. This beer is used to produce Geuze and cherry beers. Older and youngers Lambics are blended and the brew is then fermented in the bottle.

The Month of Lambic that runs from 18 September till 17 October is an opportunity for the Flemish Brabant tourist agency to put the Lambic culture of this region in the spotlight.

Five themed weekends are being organised to allow members of the public to visit breweries including those where Geuze is produced by blending young and older Lambics. Participants will also get an opportunity to taste the beer in local taverns. Routes through the area for ramblers and cyclists have also been set out.

Gunther Coppens is a member of the local provincial council: “Lambic is the finest product in the entire world. It’s a unique beer that has been about for three centuries.  The brewing method has remained unchanged all these years. The whole world is looking at our breweries.”

Geuze is produced at some 15 breweries in Flemish Brabant and Brussels.  Breweries and Geuze producers Timmermans (Itterbeek), Boon (Lembeek), Eylenbosch (Huizingen) and 3 Fonteinen (Beersel) can be visited over the next month.

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