Man injures landlord before fleeing to the roof of his home in the centre of Antwerp

The Lange Nieuwstraat in the centre of Antwerp was closed for a time on Tuesday as police tried to apprehend a man that was on the roof on the building in which he lives. The man had fled to the roof after having attacked his landlord. Both the landlord and the assailant have been taken to hospital.  

The Antwerp Police Spokesman Wouter Bruyns told VRT News "At 9am a man injured his landlord, who lives at the same address. The man then fled to the roof of the building and threatened to start a fire”.

The police closed the road and imposed a security cordon around the building. “We tried to talk it through with the man, but we were left with no choice but to call in special units from the Federal Police to arrest the man safely”, Mr Bruyns added.

The man was slightly injured during his arrest and was taken to hospital for treatment. He will be questioned as soon as he is discharged. The landlord was also hospitalised. The police have as yet not given any information about the nature of the injuries or which if any weapons were used in the attack.


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