Official logged unvaccinated friends as double-jabbed in vaccination system

Authorities in Brussels have discovered that a member of the administrative staff involved in the vaccination drive committed fraud in connection with the registration of people who have been vaccinated.  The official entered the names of acquaintances into the system suggesting they had been vaccinated when this wasn’t the case. These acquaintances were subsequently able to acquire valid Covid certificates.

The staff member was dismissed on the spot when the fraud was discovered.  This is a serious threat to public health, the authorities say.  They are considering taking legal action.

The official abused his access to the Vaccinnet system logging in acquaintances as if they had been double jabbed.  They then received Covid Safe Tickets though they had never had a single shot of the coronavirus. 

The authorities say only a limited number of fraudulent tickets were issued, but the fraud could cost lives: false declarations may lead to wrong diagnoses, mistakes with regard to quarantine measures and isolation as well as the infection of vulnerable people.  If carried out on a large scale, the fraud could affect the picture we have of the pandemic.

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