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Countdown to Covid Safe Ticket in Brussels hospitality

The Brussels Region has embarked upon preparations for the introduction of the requirement for customers to produce their Covid Safe Ticket in hospitality and other venues starting 1 October. The requirement is being introduced as a result of abysmally low vaccination rates in the capital and it is hoped it will persuade more people to get the jab.

The measure means that customers will have to produce their Covid Safe Ticket aka Covid passport to wine and dine in a restaurant or get the beers in at a bar, even on a pavement café.

Bizarrely, minutes before the meeting of the Brussels cabinet, the Francophone green health minister raised doubts about whether the passport was a good idea in hospitality.  He was the only minister to do so.

“We need to have a good think first and involve people in the field.  Is the introduction of the Covid passport in hospitality efficient and feasible?” said Alain Maron.

The government did decide that the introduction of the passport could be reversed, if corona data in Brussels suddenly improve.  That, however, isn’t seen as a realistic option. 

Today the Brussels cabinet approved the agreement reached earlier between the federal and devolved administrations that allows regional governments to introduce the requirement to produce the Covid Safe Ticket at a large array of venues including hospitality and gyms.

Next week legislation on how the Covid passport will operate in Brussels will be finalised.  It will then go to the Brussels parliament for debate and a vote. Talks with the sectors where the passport will be required and on enforcement are planned. 

You can get your Covid Safe Ticket by installing the CovidSafeBE app on your smartphone.  This is the Belgian version of the EU digital Covid certificate.  It shows you are fully vaccinated, have antibodies through recent illness or the result of a recent PCR test.

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