Nicolas Maeterlinck

Foreign students and teaching staff will soon be able to be vaccinated in Flanders

In an attempt to tackle the issue of lower than average vaccination rates in our region’s larger cities the Flemish regional authorities will soon let students and teaching staff from abroad get a coronavirus jab here. 

Speaking on Friday morning the Flemish Health and Welfare Minister Wouter Beke (Christian democrat) told journalists that “On average, the level of vaccination in Flanders is slightly lower in the big cities. By vaccinating foreign students in the city where they are studying, we not only protect them, but also their fellow students and families when they return home.”

Foreign students and teaching staff that come to Flemish universities or colleges to study or teach are asked to bring documentary evidence of vaccination if they have been vaccinated in another country.

Those that have not been (fully) immunised against coronavirus will be subject to the same rules as any other person in the same situation that arrives here from abroad. However, they will also be offered vaccination by the Flemish Health and Care Agency.  

Those that have been fully vaccinated will have their details entered into the Vaccinnet platform and an EU Digital Vaccination Certificate.

The vaccination of foreign students and teaching staff will take place either at the existing vaccination centres or at the college or university.

Mr Beke added that “Students are a large part of the population in our university towns. It is therefore normal for us to offer them the opportunity to be vaccinated. That way, we also protect each other".

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