Corona latest: more hospitalisations, but epidemic is shrinking

The number of patients being hospitalised with coronavirus continues to rise.  In the week to 10 September on average 67 patients a day were hospitalised in Belgium.   The figure is up 2% on the week according to figures from Belgian health science institute Sciensano.

703 Covid patients are currently in hospital.  228 are in critical care – up 15%.

There’s a slight fall in the average number of new cases: in the week to 7 September 1,936 a day. The figure is down 5%.  5.4% of tests came back positive.

In the week to 7 September on average 7.6 deaths a day were linked to Covid. The figure is up 51% on the week.  So far 25,454 people have died with Covid in Belgium.

Belgium’s Reproduction number stands at 0.99.  A hundred people pass on the virus to 99 others and the epidemic is shrinking.

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