Health minister: “Extend Covid Passport to Flanders”

Belgian health minister Frank Vandenbroucke (Flemish socialist) wants Flemish municipalities to be able to introduce Covid passports to access venues in their jurisdiction.  The Flemish government has promised to look at the possibility of allowing municipalities with low vaccination levels to extend the use of the passport: the Covid Safe Ticket, the Belgian version of the EU Digital Covid Certificate.

The federal and devolved governments have agreed that regions can introduce the passport. Brussels is introducing the passport on 1 October when people visiting hospitality will have to produce the Ticket to wine or dine. 

Mr Vandenbroucke said: “If it goes pear-shaped in Antwerp or Vilvoorde, municipalities where too few people are vaccinated, then I believe the Flemish government should consider it in the importance of public health”.

Earlier the Mayor of Vilvoorde indicated that hospitality and gyms in his city wanted to be able to use the Ticket to grant access.  The Covid Safe Ticket either shows you are fully vaccinated, have antibodies due to a recent infection or the result of a recent corona test.

Flemish deputy premier Crevits (Christian democrat): “There’s a massive problem in Brussels, but there are other places with difficulties too.  The passport can lead to lots of additional vaccinations.  That’s what we want.”

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