King Boudewijn's Aston Martin photographed by Wouter Rawoens
Foto van de Aston Martin die ooit van Koning Boudewijn was, gefotografeerd door Wouter Rawoens

King Boudewijn’s Aston Martin at Ghent Oldtimer exhibition

A collection of Oldtimers brought together by the Mahy Family of the Ghent garage of the same name is now on show to the general public.  The collection includes an Aston Martin once driven by Boudewijn, King of Belgians.

Michel Mahy is a third-generation automobile collector in his family: “When I got the collection from my father, I didn’t really know what to do with it.  A friend, Wouter Rawoens, is a freelance photographer.  He took a look at the collection with me and suggested a photo book of the collection a well as a travelling exhibition”.

The vehicles that have now gone on exhibition at the Vinckier Site in Ghent number 40 in all and are a selection from the larger collection. The collection itself is one of the largest in the world and includes hundreds of classic automobiles, old-and new-timers.

The cars are being displayed as they are with lots of dust and without any restauration.  All tell an amazing story like King Boudewijn’s Aston Martin. Mahy senior bought the vehicle in the Seventies for … 13,000 Belgians francs – 325 euros in today’s money.

“When my father received the documents, he noticed the car had once belonged to the king” Michel says. “411 such vehicles were produced including only 102 convertibles. King Boudewijn was rather reserved and didn’t often use this flashy car!”

The exhibition runs till the end of October at the Vinckier Site on the Ghent R40 orbital.

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