“Extremely serious things are going to happen in Brussels”

Infectious diseases expert Erika Vlieghe is worried about the Covid situation in the Belgian and Flemish capital.  She warns that many, many people may fall ill in Brussels.  “An awful lot still needs to be done and hospitals have already reached their limit” she says.

Low vaccination rates across Brussels are a big concern.  The Covid Safe Ticket is going to become obligatory in hospitality, but Prof Vlieghe believes more is needed.

An awful lot still needs to be done because extremely serious things are going to happen in Brussels. We must take a very pragmatic approach to make progress. An awful lot of people may fall ill.  Hospitals have already reached their limit and patients are having to be transferred. There isn’t much time to start and think about it.”

Prof Vlieghe is no supporter of axing all corona restrictions here: “Winter will soon be upon us.  We will spend more time indoors.  There’s Brussels, but also other places with low vaccination rates. We need to keep an eye on the durability of vaccines. It would be reckless to ditch all restrictions now.”

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