Jan Fabre

“We are no censors, but haven’t the right to put artists in danger”

The Charleroi Danse Biennial has cancelled a performance of “The Fluid Force of Love” by Jan Fabre’s Troubleyn Group.  The Biennial points to the pressure and insults surrounding its scheduling.

Artist and theatre producer Jan Fabre is suspected of violence, harassment and unwanted sexual behaviour at work involving twelve individuals.  He is also accused of assault.  His case opens before Antwerp magistrates on 21 September.

The Charleroi Danse Biennial says it doesn’t want to expose its teams to potential violence and decided to cancel the performance.

“Threats have been made on social media.  People have threatened to buy up all the tickets to allow the performance to go ahead in front of an empty hall. This amounts to violence directed at artists. Pressure has also been exerted on the group” says director Annie Bozzini.

“The decision has been taken in consultation.  Personally I think it’s a shame.  This show could have offered an opportunity to hold a serene debate about the relationship between choreographers and performers.”

“We are no censors, but haven’t the right to put artists in danger.”

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