Covid Safe Ticket across Flanders?

Flemish deputy premier Hilde Crevits (Christian democrat) is eager to see her government draw up a framework for the use of the Covid Safe Ticket in Flanders.  Ms Crevits told VRT News that she is no supporter of a blanket introduction of the Ticket across Flanders, but the debate is being held.

Belgium’s devolved governments now have the power to require citizens to produce the Ticket, the Belgian version of the EU Digital Covid Certificate, as a condition of entry at e.g. gyms, hospitality and the like.  Brussels is introducing this requirement on 1 October.

Hilde Crevits: “In many places up to 95% of people are vaccinated.  You have to be able to return total freedom at least in part. There are two options.  Either we allow businesses across Flanders to require the Covid Safe Ticket or we target this possibility in areas with low vaccination rates. I favour a general framework.  It would be a shame if people didn’t know where they were at in Ghent or Bruges.”

“I don’t believe anybody will benefit from a general introduction, but for a short period or for events, that should be possible.  We need to consider it quickly.”

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