Thousands protest against Covid Passport

Several thousand people joined a demo in Brussels yesterday to protest against the way the international community is tackling the pandemic. The protest at the heart of the European district welcomed large delegations from Germany and the Netherlands. Organisers oppose the introduction of the Covid passport. Many participants had corona restrictions in their own countries in their sights.  

The demonstrators oppose mandatory vaccination and say that the Covid passport discriminates against the unvaccinated.

Police counted some 3,500 protesters. Tom Meert of Europeans United told VRT: “We are not anti-vaxxers.  First, they said vaccination was your choice.  Today they are saying – via the introduction of the Covid passport – that people will be punished, if they don’t vaccinate. Our second grievance is the fact people will be discriminated against on the basis of a medical dossier.  Such information must remain private.”

In Belgium the Covid Safe Ticket, the Belgian version of the EU Digital Covid Certificate, will have to be produced in hospitality in Brussels starting 1 October as a result of the low vaccination rate in the capital.

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