The funeral of Brahim Abdeslam in Brussels

Location of terrorist graves in Brussels goes online

The precise location of the graves of several suicide terrorists, who died in the Paris attacks, appeared online recently.  A journalist working for the Francophone broadcaster RTBF discovered the information on the Evere cemetery website.  It was known that several suicide terrorists were buried at a multifaith cemetery in Brussels, but the graves showed no indication of who was buried there to deter any form of macabre tourism.  The precise information has meanwhile been removed from the website.

Starting last week relatives were able to locate the plot of loved-ones’ graves on the Evere cemetery website.  The list of 5,000 names also included that of Brahim Abdeslam, who blew himself up in a Paris bar, Bilal Hadfi, who did the same at the Stade de France and Chakib Akrouh, who blew himself up during a police raid in Saint-Denis (France).

The cemetery authorities have apologised for the incident and have taken the names offline.

The trial of those suspected of being involved in the 2015 Paris attacks is underway in France.

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