Weapons retrieved from Elsene Lakes

A clean-up operation at Elsene Lakes (Brussels) yielded some surprising results.  At the lake near the Flagey Square several firearms were scooped out of the water.

Neighbourhood committee “The Friends of the Lakes” initiated a first clean-up operation in the murky waters off the Flagey Square. The people of Elsene are following the example of the good folk of Leuven, who regularly stage clean-ups of the River Dijle. 

“It’s amazing what we found” says Gilles Ledure. “We got the co-operation of a dozen divers from the Francophone community.  They retrieved wheels, old pans, bikes, scooters and even weapons.”

More clean-ups are planned. “Here too Leuven is our great example” explains Gilles.  “We will probably do it every two years.  It’s necessary.  An awful lot of rubbish is tipped into the water.  It’s such a shame.  I would like to appeal to all citizens of this country, no matter what they do, to act in a cleaner fashion when they dispose of waste”.

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