Corona latest: fewer hospitalisations, deaths up by half

The number of Covid patients being admitted to Belgian hospitals fell by 15% over the last week.  In the week to 13 September on average 60 patients were hospitalised each day. 

Preliminary figures from Belgian health science institute Sciensano show 702 patients hospitalised with Covid.  The figure is down 3% on the week.  223 patients are in critical care – down 6% on the week.

In the week to 10 September on average 8 deaths a day were linked to Covid.  The figure is up 50% on the week.  Over 25,500 deaths have been linked to Covid in all.

In the week to 10 September on average 1,948 people a day came down with Covid.  That’s a fall of 2% on the week. Over 1.2 million people have so far tested positive for Covid in Belgium.

On average during the week to 10 September 41,600 tests were carried out a day.  5.2% of tests came back positive. 

Belgium’s Reproduction figure stands at 0.89.  A hundred sick people pass on the virus to 89 others.

86% of Belgian adults have had at least one shot of the vaccine.  8.2 million people or 84% of adults are fully vaccinated.

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