FLUBOT is back: fraudsters are targeting your bank account!

Last weekend Belgian telecom operators blocked up to 2 million texts a day as a result of the FLUBOT virus that has inundated Belgium. The texts contain a link that will give you the dangerous FLUBOT computer virus.

FLUBOT first materialised last spring but is back.  People who import the virus are at risk of seeing their bank account looted. Last spring the virus was hiding in a “Bpost SMS”, now fraudsters are dispatching texts claiming to come from parcel service DHL.  The virus launches a phishing operation in search of your personal details.

The text tells you a parcel is on the way and asks you to open a link.  If you do, you can install an app, but in actual fact you are installing FLUBOT. Don’t! The virus searches for address books on your smartphone and spreads to your contacts.  The virus also allows fraudsters to see your bank transactions and steal deposits from your account. 

The FLUBOT app appears among other apps on your screen and cannot be removed.  The only ways to get rid of it are to return to factory settings or restart your phone in safe mode, when you will be able to remove the fake app.

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