Horrendous rush hour in prospect Tuesday PM as Brussels orbital is closed

The greater Brussels orbital ring road had to be closed in both directions this afternoon following an accident involving a tanker at Beersel on the southern stretch of the ring.  The tanker crashed into the central reservation. It was carrying a toxic chemical substance, benzoyl chloride. The tanker is leaking.

The motorway had to be closed in both directions due to the danger to the public.  Residents have also been asked to keep doors and windows closed and to turn off ventilation systems.

The accident happened just before the Beersel exit on the outer orbital.  Drivers on the outer orbital are advised to leave the motorway at an exit as quickly as possible.

The road closure has led to long tailbacks.  Motorists are advised to seek alternative routes as the evening rush hour looks like becoming horrendous.

Find an alternative route here.

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