Upturned tanker causes chaos in evening rush hour

It took until 9:30PM last night until police gave the go ahead for the resumption of traffic on the Brussels orbital ring road at Beersel – south of the capital.  An accident with a tanker carrying benzoyl chloride in the afternoon meant the entire ring road had to be closed for many hours.

Nobody was injured in the accident.

Benzoyl chloride is a toxic substance commonly used in industry.  It started leaking from the tanker but the leak proved manageable.  Sill, local residents were told to keep windows and doors closed and turn off ventilation. A handful of houses were evacuated as a precaution.

The whole incident caused severe disruption to traffic during the afternoon, evening rush hour and later hours.

Cranes righted the truck that had ended up on its side just before the Beersel exit on the anticlockwise section of the orbital. The tanker was then towed to Mons – its original destination - under police supervision.

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