A Covid Safe ticket is not necessary in cafés or restaurants in Belgium but this may change in Brussels.
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CovidSafeBE app abuse "to be addressed soon"

The Flemish authorities will solve a problem in the digital app 'CovidSafeBE' which grants members of the public a Covid Safe Ticket to attend concerts or other busy events, or to enjoy unrestricted travel within Europe.

The app, dubbed a corona passport, serves as an entrance ticket to concerts or other events, or as a passport to be allowed into a foreign country. If you activate the app, you will have a green ticket after a double vaccination (except for Johnson & Johnson, which requires just one jab), after a negative corona test or after proof that you went through the disease before, thus developing antibodies in a natural way.

However, it turned out that people testing positive for corona despite being vaccinated, could still have a green QR code appear on their smartphone. This hiccup in the development of the app will now be solved, says Barbara Van den Haute of Digitaal Vlaanderen. 

Karine Moykens of the Interfederal Testing & Tracing Committee told the VRT's Radio 1 that "people still went on holiday using their green QR code despite testing positive. We will make sure that this is no longer possible as soon as we can." An exact term was not mentioned. 

Moykens added that where the paper version is concerned, she is counting on people's civil responsibility. 

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