Hospital admissions due to corona 16 percent down; Flanders sheds red colour

While the number of new Covid cases remains more or less stable, the number of hospital admissions is down, and this for the third successive day. The improving figures have led to Flanders switching to an amber colour again (coming from red) on the corona map of the ECDC (European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control). 

The Health Institute Sciensano has released the latest corona figures. Almost 2,000 new cases were seen on a daily basis (1,956) between 6 and 12 September, a status-quo on the week.  

42,700 corona tests were taken each day (+6 percent). While just over 5 percent tested positive, the R-value or reproduction number stands at 0.92 which means the epidemic is shrinking. 

Each day, 59 people nursing a corona infection had to be taken to hospital (-16 percent on the week). There are 683 Covid patients in Belgian hospitals, of whom 214 are staying in intensive care units. 

Each day saw 7 corona fatalities. Meanwhile, 84 percent of the adult population has been fully vaccinated.  

With Flanders taking on an orange colour on the European map, travel to and from Flanders for those without a green code on their Covid Safety app will become easier. However, take care: Wallonia remains red and Brussels even dark red. 

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