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Knokke gearing up for cycling world championships: "The riders will come out of the sea"

The coastal municipality of Knokke is getting things ready for the time trial championships next weekend. A high stage is being built from which the riders will start their time trial. Looking at it from the front side, it will seem as if the riders come out of the sea, event manager Geert Laureys told the VRT. Knokke has paid 250,000 euros for the organisation of the event, but is convinced it will pay itself back. 

"You could say that the riders will come from the sea. The idea was mainly that we enjoy a beautiful background here at the coast. It would have been strange to have done it differently. So that is where the idea to start on the beach came from", explains Geert Laureys. 

"The start ramp is about 70 metres in length. So the first 70 metres they will ride on this slope which makes the connection with the boardwalk." 

Meanwhile, Knokke's main church tower was decorated with a massive World Championship flag. Next weekend's time trials will take the riders from Knokke-Heist to Bruges. 

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