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More details on Brussels corona pass: where will it apply, for how long and from which age?

The Brussels government has approved a legal framework for the 'Covid Safe Ticket' or corona passport to be used in local restaurants, pubs, care homes and at events among other places. The 'exceptional' measure will last three months at most. 

You will need a Covid Safe Ticket for a number of things, including: 

  • to eat out or to have a drink in a pub or restaurant
  • to spend the night in a hotel
  • to visit a loved one in a nursing home or care home
  • in sports or fitness centres
  • to enter a night club
  • for events and parties for 50 people or more (indoors) or 200 or more (outdoors). This will have an impact on people wanting to attend a fair, a congress or a cultural event, among other things. 
  • you will NOT need the Covid Safe Ticket for things labelled as essential like going to school, to work, to the shops, to the bank or to the town hall for banking activities or administrative tasks .  

The measure will come into force early October. It will apply from the age of 16, except for nursing homes or big events like music concerts where children will have to show the Covid Safe Ticket from the age of 12. 

Sanctions - for example for cafés allowing customers in who don't have a green passport - will be imposed as from mid-October, after the legal framework has been completed. The measure will be imposed for a maximum of three months. 

This first draft will go to the Council of State and the Privacy Commission now. The final text will have to be approved in the Brussels Parliament, after consultations with the different sectors. 

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