Flemish EuroMillions winner calls in after his holiday: "It's a nice sum. We were a bit shocked"

A Belgian couple that struck gold at the end of August after taking part in EuroMillions, has come forward. A man called in at the National Lottery after an appeal had been launched in the media to find the lucky player.  

The couple won 21,214,762 euros, the National Lottery announced. They were lucky to have the right combination in the 31 August draw, together with  two other Europeans (the numbers 5 - 13 - 17 - 32 - 43 and the stars 2 and 10). 

The Belgian winner didn't show up, after which the National Lottery set up a media effort. "Since we were still enjoying a couple of days off, we hadn't checked our lottery ticket straight away", the winner was cited.   

It's  the first time this year that the top prize goes to a Belgian player, and the 35th time since 2004. Detailed information about the couple is not being released to protect their privacy. "We don't have plans with this nice sum of cash straightaway", the man is quoted as saying. "We still need to recover from the shock and take some time to let it sink in. But most of all we want to enjoy the future out of the spotlights."

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