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Sports journalist Eddy Demarez sanctioned by the VRT after inappropriate comments

Eddy Demarez, who works as a sports journalist for the Flemish public broadcaster VRT, has been sanctioned by his employer after inappropriate comments about the Belgian Cats, the national women's basketball team.  

Sporza journalist Demarez was speaking after a Facebook live event about Belgium's Olympic medal winners, where he had acted as a commentator. He thought the live channel had been switched off after the show, but in fact this was not the case. The microphone was still on air and viewers could still hear what was being said in the studio. 

Demarez and a colleague made jokes and inappropriate comments about the physical appearance and sexuality of some of the members of the Belgian Cats.  

The VRT management did not take it lightly and had already announced a sanction was bound to follow. "Eddy Demarez is still suspended at present. Meanwhile we have received feedback from the Integrity Commission, which talks about a heavy violation of the Integrity Code. The management has decided to sanction both Eddy and a colleague of his. For privacy reasons, no further details will be released."  

"Apart from this - and more importantly - we will focus on a remedy for both employees", the statement continues. The whole sports desk will be involved in a training about inclusion and integrity. The VRT will also have talks with the Belgian Cats.

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