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Americans discover Tour of Flanders and its cobble stone sections: "It's gorgeous"

Cycling enthusiasts had their chance to ride the Tour of Flanders today. There were fewer participants than usual, due to the calender change, but this also had benefits. The VRT managed to speak some Americans: "It's my first time in Belgium and it's gorgeous! I look foward to doing the cobbles for the first time." 

Whereas the Tour of Flanders for amateur cyclists always takes part the day before the professional riders are doing the race (early April), the event had been postponed this year due to corona. 

"We Ride Flanders" is usually a sell-out, with a maximum of 16,000 participants, but yesterday only about 6,000 had registered. A benefit for those taking part, because steep climbs like the renowned Koppenberg or Paterberg usually trigger jams on the small countryside roads in the Flemish Ardennes south of Ghent. Today, chances of making it to the top without stopping, were much bigger. 

Cyclists had the choice to cover the whole stretch, starting from Antwerp, or to start from Oudenaarde and make a smaller tour which includes the most important cobbe sections and climbs like the Oude Kwaremont and the Paterberg. The VRT spoke with some American ladies, who will combine the ride with the World Championships this weekend and next weekend:

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