Arnaud Le Vu / Hans Lucas

Covid update: 60 hospital admissions per day, number of new cases slightly up

At present, Belgian hospitals are taking care of 713 corona patients. 213 of them are staying in intensive care wardens. That's according to the latest data supplied by the national health institute Sciensano. 

60 corona patients had to be taken to hospital each day from 11 to 17 September, an 11 percent drop on the week. 213 Covid patients are in a bad way, a decline of 3 percent.

The number of new cases has risen slightly. Each day had 1,993 new cases on average, a 3 percent increase on the week. However, the number of tests was 14 percent up to reach 45,000 per day. 

The positivity rate remained more or less stable at 4.9 percent, while the reproduction number stands at 0.97. This means the epidemic is shrinking, but only just. 

7 fatalaties are being reported each day due to corona. 

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