Hallerbos and its "magical blue carpet" to become a natural reserve

The Hallerbos, famous for its massive blue bell blossoms each spring, will enjoy a better protected status in future. This was announced by the Flemish Environment Minister Zuhal Demir (nationalist). 

The Hallerbos, situated in Flemish Brabant province, attracts thousands of nature enthusiasts each year when the blue bells make up for a magical blue carpet in the forest. 

The new status will allow an even better protection of the area. "Even without the blue bells it's a valuable piece of nature. The woods cover 600 hectares, which is relatively large according to Flemish standards", Demir explains. 

And there are more plans: the minister wants the creation of an 'ecorecreaduct' across the Brussels Orbital Road, which would join two halves of the Hallerbos. The woodlands will also be extended bit by bit during the following three winters, by connecting existing natural areas nearby. 

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