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Federal Health Minister calls for third jab for care and nursing home residents

The federal Health Minister Frank Vandenbroucke (Flemish socialist) is calling for a booster vaccine for vulnerable people staying in care homes or nursing homes. 

The different health ministers in Belgium will take a decision on the issue next week, but Frank Vandenbroucke is confident that a 'go' will follow.

At present, people with a lower immunity system, like cancer patients or those that had a transplant, are already receiving an invitation to get a third jab. 

Mr Vandenbroucke wants to extend this to all residents of nursing and resting homes: "There are scientific indications that a booster jab is useful for care home residents, who are typically quite old and vulnerable. They were also the first to be vaccinated in Belgium and it has been a while now since their first jabs were administered." 

It is not clear yet how long a corona vaccine actually works, but the first care home residents were vaccinated early this year.  

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