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Leuven ready for next weekend’s cycling world championships

The city of Leuven is gearing up for the cycling world championships that will take place in the capital of Flemish Brabant next weekend.

Leuven police have been working on preparations for a year now.  “The organisation of the world championships has been discussed internally, but also with external partners, the city authorities, the fire service and others.  We are prepared for nearly everything” says Marc Vranckx of Leuven police.

500 police will be deployed on Sunday 26 September.

The police have even drawn up an alternative route in case the regular route is affected by a fire or a natural disaster. “We are ready to clear the route.  In a worst-case scenario we can change route very quickly.  A dozen different options are ready.  They can be executed very quickly.”

During the four-day fest two command units will be in charge: “One command unit is operated exclusively by the police.  It is responsible for public order and crowd management and will co-ordinate congestion.  Fire and other emergency services, the city authorities, the bus and rail companies are involved in the second command unit.”

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