Tow-away truck “with everything wrong” towed away

Police in the eastern city of Tongeren (Limburg) found 28,000 euros in a tow-away truck with incorrect French numberplates during an inspection. The vehicle was also carrying an undocumented person.

During the inspection police discovered that most things that could be wrong were wrong: the driver didn’t possess a valid licence, the truck had incorrect French numberplates and the insurance was no longer valid.  In addition the driver tested positive during a saliva test.

The tow-away truck displayed French export number plates but it soon became clear to police they did not belong to the vehicle.  A passenger in the truck had entered the country illegally and still had to serve a jail sentence.

The truck also contained goods without the correct transport documents and the vehicle’s tachograph hadn’t been inspected recently.  The driver was unable to account for the 28,000 euros also found in the vehicle.

The cash was impounded and the tow-away truck was towed away.  The driver had his licence revoked for 15 days.

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