Afghanistan evacuation: 480 still on the list

480 names appear on the list of people Belgium will assist to evacuate from Afghanistan.  Foreign minister Wilmès provided the figure update in the margin of the meeting of the UN general assembly in New York.

260 people are Belgian or dual nationals or their dependants: spouses and children. 63 people are on the list because of their commitment to politics, society or the arts that means they are now at danger.

A 45 people qualify for evacuation because they were employed by Belgium.  49 others have residence permits for Belgium.

Meanwhile some of the people on the list have indicated they wish to remain in Afghanistan.  The Belgian authorities are advising those that wish to leave to not travel over land to the border due to the dangers.  Some people on the list will be able to board flights from Kabul to Qatar.

In New York Afghanistan is the main topic of discussion with Belgium’s EU partners.  The EU still has to decide the nature of its future relationship with the Taliban government.

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