Wolf triggers death threats for Nature spokesman

The presence of wolves in our country is getting people excited and some people are even losing their temper. Jeroen Denaeghel, the spokesman of the Flemish Nature and Forestry Agency, has revealed he has received death threats issued on social media.

Denaeghel, who communicates the agency’s policies, told VRT it wasn’t the first time that this had happened, but it did make him think twice.  He even contacted virologist Marc Van Ranst, who also received death threats during the pandemic, to get his advice.

Issuing death threats is a crime. Denaeghel has now filed a complaint with the judicial authorities. 

“I am merely a spokesman, who communicates the policies of my employer.  I do feel for the farmers, who suffer damage at the hands of wolves.  The idea that my pony could be bitten to death fills me with fear.  But for two years now we have been advising people in the area at risk to protect their livestock. You can contact the Wolf Fencing Team Belgium for advice.  Grants can be had for fences that deter wolves.”

Denaeghel says that wolves are really making people mad (in the American sense of the word): “I fear a lot of erroneous information is doing the rounds at the minute.  Sadly, the media have not always played an exemplary role.  I’ve read doom scenarios in several papers over the past weeks: ‘We’re not allowed out’, ‘What happens if my child is attacked?’ This feeds a psychosis of fear and people are seizing this to spread false information”.

“The behaviour of every animal can be explained biologically.  It’s time we sober up and read the the facts about the wolf.”

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