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Zennah is Belgium’s first vice squad dog

Federal police have a new colleague.  Zennah is a Belgian shepherd and Belgium’s first vice squad dog.  The canine is able to locate traces of sperm and will assist officers in exhibitionism and rape cases. Hopefully the dog will help to identify and prosecute more culprits.

The vice squad dog will be able to assist officers to locate crime scenes.  Zennah can examine an entire field and locate the exact spot where an assault occurred if traces of sperm are left.  Lab technicians will then try to preserve a specimen that may be used in DNA identification. 

4,000 assaults are reported to the police each year.  In one in three cases the identity of the perpetrator is initially unknown.  Biological traces including sperm can help in identification.  Lab technicians often struggle to secure traces in the great outdoors.  Outdoors all biological traces e.g. slime from a snail will illuminate under fluorescent light.  It is here that the vice squad dog is expected to prove its greatest worth as it can accurately identify traces of sperm.

Zennah is actually Dutch and is a gift of Dutch police.  North of the border vice squad dogs have been employed for six years now.  The vice dog team now consists of eight dogs.  They were involved in 181 operations during the past two years and made 38 positive identifications.

Today Zennah is fully trained also in Belgian police techniques and can be deployed by her trainer.  Her performance will be constantly monitored. A second vice dog Nala is already in training.   

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