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95% of Flemish teachers are fully jabbed

Nearly 95% of Flemish teachers are fully vaccinated against coronavirus, while this is also the case for 69% of Flemish secondary school pupils.  Over 77% of pupils have had a first jab.  The figures warrant further relaxations in education says education minister Weyts (nationalist).

Flemish teachers have put down a sterling performance when it comes to vaccination against coronavirus outstripping the already pretty impressive vaccination rate of Flemish adults that stands at 89.97%.

77% of secondary pupils have had a first shot, but if only younger pupils in the 12-to-17 age category are counted the rate rises to 83%.

Flemish heath minister Beke (Christian democrat) says vaccination was a pre-requisite to allow the schoolyear to start normally and during the summer every effort was made to make the vaccination drive among youngsters a success.

Education minister Weyts is discussing further relaxations with the school networks, teacher unions and scientists.

West and East Flanders report the highest vaccination rates for teachers and pupils.  Antwerp performs less well.  Figures from Dutch-medium schools in Brussels are not yet available.

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