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Driver who attacked 5 officers with a car jack gets to stay at home with a tag

The driver suspected of attacking five police officers during a routine traffic inspection on the Gentsesteenweg in Molenbeek (Brussels) on Monday morning has been placed under electronic supervision.  An examining magistrate has ordered that the man must wear an electronic tag.

The suspect has been arrested but will be able to go home while he is on remand.

Three officers were seriously injured, while two others sustained light injuries in the altercation following the discovery that the driver proved unable to produce valid car documents.

The suspect is known to the judicial authorities.  The examining magistrate today named him as a suspect and arrested him of charges of intentional GBH leading to police officers being unfit to work, offering resistance to police officers and criminal threatening behaviour.

The suspect has been ordered to stay at home at all times, but will not have to be imprisoned in jail.  

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