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Police attacked in Ghent student bar area

Details have emerged about a violent incident in the student bar area in Ghent on Monday night.  A 20-year-old man was arrested after he head-butted a police officer and stamped in a second officer’s face. 

Police patrols have been stepped up following Friday’s violence in the Overpoortstraat.  Around 4:45AM on Monday night two police officers noticed two young men having an altercation.  They intervened to stop the row from escalating.  One of the young men then turned on the officers: verbal violence turned into physical violence.  The man was asked to leave the street but soon returned seeking out the fellow he had a dispute with.  He was again asked to leave but again returned.

Police called for assistance.  When officers had taken hold of the man’s arms to lead him away, he head-butted an officer.  The young man was put in a police van but there managed to hit out at a second officer with his foot hitting the officer in the face. 

Both officers sustained light injuries, but are able to continue at work.

The attacker will face summary justice and appear in court on 14 October charged with GBH and offering resistance.  He could get up to a year in jail.

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