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Quarantine rules for under 12s relaxed

Belgian health ministers have relaxed quarantine rules for under 12s in schools and day-care.

Until now an entire class was quarantined when in the period of two weeks two children tested positive for coronavirus and the cases were thought to be linked.  From Monday classes will be quarantined if several pupils test positive in the same week.  Children who test negative on Day 1 may leave quarantine.

Belgian health minister Vandenbroucke pointed to the progress made on vaccinations in Flanders and ventilation efforts. Belgian health ministers hope to see a progress report on classroom ventilation prepared by education ministers in two weeks’ time.

Flemish education minister Weyts says in primary school children are viewed as vaccinated: “This makes things more feasible and realistic for teachers, parents and children.”

The situation is different in secondary schools, where most pupils are vaccinated.  If a pupil tests positive contact tracing kicks in.  Only unvaccinated high-risk contacts need to quarantine. Vaccinated high risk contacts are tested and only need to isolate if the test is positive.

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