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Agrotopia, Europe's biggest roof greenhouse

Roeselare (West Flanders) saw the official opening of Agrotopia this morning. Agrotopia is Europe's biggest greenhouse situated on a roof - above the auction house. It will serve as a place of research to make the growing of vegetables more sustainable, and to make the veggies even healthier. Researchers don't have open ground, but will focus on hydroculture or other options.   

Agrotopia covers about 9,000 square metres. One of the goals of the R&D centre Inagro at Agrotopia is to learn more about how to grow vegetables in an urban environment and how to develop a sustainable model for growing food inside greenhouses. 

King Filip will bring a visit to "Agrotopia, Festival of the Future" next Wednesday. He will be accompanied by students and pupils when visiting workshops about futureproof living. 

The Belgian king will also take part in the 'kids special', where the Flemish tv celebrity and science pundit Lieven Scheire and science watcher Hetty Helsmoortel will take part in an interactive event with children about sustainable horticulture and food. 

The Agrotopia Festival starts this weekend. 

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