Number of corona patients in Belgian hospitals 2 percent down

The past seven days saw a 4 percent rise of new corona cases on the week, but the number of hospital admissions has dropped to 55 per day now. 

2,059 new corona cases were being reported each day on average between 14 and 20 September. This is 4 percent up on the week, but at the same time the number of tests was 11 percent up to reach almost 48,000 per day. It turns out that 1 in 10 people showing symptoms of a plain cold or the flu, actually have corona. 

Belgians hospitals had to cope with 55 new patients each day between 17 and 23 September, which equals a 9 percent drop on the week. There are 692 corona patients in Belgian hospitals now (-2 percent) with 216 of them (-2 percent) staying in intensive care.  

The number of daily fatalities has dropped to 17 percent. Meanwhile, 74 percent of the whole Belgian population has received at least a first jab. 

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