Georges Gilkinet arriving at an important meeting of ministers last week.
Nicolas Maeterlinck

Federal government presents cycling promotion plan "Be Cyclist"

Various incentives will be launched to have more people take a bicycle for their daily trips as key ministers have approved a "federal action plan for the promotion of cycling 2021-2024" today. 

The plan includes 52 measures to facilitate the choice for the bicycle. There are various advantages, underlines the federal Mobility Minister Georges Gilkinet (Francophone greens). 

More people taking the bicycle to commute means fewer traffic jams. The federal Planning Agency has estimated that these are costing our economy 2.3 billions of euros each year. 

Employees taking the bike to work are also healthier (both mentally and physically), research has shown, and it will also benefit the climate thanks to a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. 

The incentives include more (and higher) cycling benefits for employees and better fast long-distance cycling routes, the so-called "cycling motorways".  A federal bicycle register will be set up in order boost chances of recovering a bike after it has been stolen. 

The aim is to double the number of members of the federal administration taking the bicycle to work by 2024 - for the moment this is 1 in 10 employees. Infrastructure will be set up or improved at working hubs for this purpose, including parking places and repair shops. 

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