15-year-old dies in birthday party stabbing incident near Bruges

The judicial authorities have confirmed the death of a teenager in Oostkamp (West Flanders) yesterday. The youngster died in a stabbing incident at a birthday party. No further details have been released so far, but several youngsters have been arrested.  

The stabbing happened around 9.30 p.m. last night in the Nieuwenhove area in Oostkamp. The judicial authorities only want to confirm that a violent death took place and that several arrests have been made.  

According to unofficial sources, several party-goers fled the scene after the incident, with just a handful remaining at the site, in shock. Two others returned to the scene to report to the police. 

Later in the evening, police apprehended seven more people, including the 19-year-old host. The eleven suspects are being questioned.  

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