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"Big bad wolf" march in Oudsbergen attracts 3,000 people

A torch walk was held last night to protest against the presence of wolves in Limburg province. "It's a nice animal, but it doesn't belong here", protesters said. 

About 3,000 people gathered in the municipality of Meeuwen to join the protest action dubbed the "Big Bad Wolf" march referring to old fairy tales. They carried electronic torches - for safety reasons - as they expressed their concerns about the presence of wolves in the area. These extended their living area to Limburg in recent years but regularly attack sheep, cows, ponies or other animals kept by members of the public.  

Farmers or other people keeping animals are worried that one of their animals may be next. They say that better fences are not always the answer "when you see how high wolves can jump". They are also afraid that humans may be attacked in the future. 

Wolves are nice animals, but don't belong here, protesters said. "Just put them in some kind of natural reserve." The walk included some 300 sheep in a symbolic statement. "Don't other animals have any rights?", demonstrators asked. 

They want the Flemish government to take action on the issue to avoid further bloodshed.  Wolves are a protected species in Belgium. 

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